India-Bhutan Cultural Exchange and Art Camp

Ritinjali, as part of the initiatives under the Centre for Escalation of Peace (CEP), will be organising the India-Bhutan Cultural Exchange and Art Camp; a unique platform for artists of India and Bhutan to learn about each other’s culture through interaction and artistic collaboration over the span of ten days in each other’s country, the first five days in Bhutan and the other five in India.

The event which is scheduled to take place from 14 to 18 June 2016 in Bhutan, will see five artists each from the two countries engage, interact, and take inspiration from their discussions and environment to produce artwork resulting from the experience. The artwork thus produced would then be exhibited and promoted as a joint effort between the two countries in the arts.

The programme aims to build cultural awareness and positive cultural relations between the two countries by providing a common platform for artists to come together, interact, get inspired and thus expand the scope of their own art form. The exchange of ideas during artistic collaboration will not only stimulate the creative environment but will also help in maintain a continuous and harmonious interaction required between countries, thus strengthening the existing, uniquely close and mutually beneficial relationship between the two countries.

India and Bhutan share a rich cultural lineage and hence, this programme is also a wonderful opportunity for the artists to rediscover a shared history and a chance to work upon a shared vision for the future. The artwork they produce could further be used as inspiration for aspiring artists and also serve as an example for bilateral efforts in the field of arts.

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