23rd July: Update on Uttarakhand's Relief Fund

Our team comprising of Nithin Devarajan, Srikkanth S, Mahesh Mandal, and Sanjay Mandal left today IST 9 am in a Scorpio, provided by Mercury Himalayan Explorations. They would be reaching Shivpuri, where MHE would be providing them with all the necessary camping gear. The team would then proceed to set up relief camp in the vicinity of Chandrapuri.

While Srikkanth would be heading the relief camp with Sanjay's help, Nithin would be heading out to research villages that are worst affected, in terms of losing prime bread earners, other devastation that may have occurred and need attention; identifying areas where Ritinjali can contribute towards capacity building and alternate livelihood generation, upgrading current education system, and harnessing the natural landscape/vegetation/resources towards community-level income generation.