Jammu and Kashmir Flood Relief

Jammu and Kashmir is battling one of the worst floods in decades, with rivers in the region in spate due to days of incessant rain. Over 400 people have died and thousands are stranded across the state, including Srinagar. Many people are homeless and living in camps and others still stranded on roof tops. There is an urgent need for relief and rehabilitation.

Ritinjali is once again working to organise relief supplies for the victims of the flood in Jammu and Kashmir. We will be working with Faisal Patel and Zainab Nedou Patel, who are on the ground in Srinagar. I appeal to you to please join our efforts by donating in either cash or kind for the people of Kashmir.

Please go through the list of what is urgently required and information on how you can donate below. In case you need assistance in Delhi, please get in touch with Janusa Sangma (janusa.sangma@gmail.com; 8860369707), Esha Singh (eshasingh@outlook.com; 9650248420), Aliza Khan (aliza_27@live.com; 9910308750, and Mimansa Puri (mimansa.puri@gmail.com; 9910003333).

Please watch our website, www.ritinjali.org for updates on the relief and rehabilitation efforts. You can write to us at ritinjali@ritinjali.org for any queries you might have. Your generous contributions will help the flood-affected in Jammu and Kashmir. Please do spread the word among your friends and family.

Urgent Requirements:
• Generic drugs for fever, aches, cold, cough, stomach ailments, allergies etc. (A detailed list is inline)
• Clothing for all age groups, especially warm clothes, Bedding and blankets.
• Sanitary napkins, diapers, bandages, pain relief ointments, mosquito repellents, chlorine tablets, and mosquito nets.
• Non-perishable, dry food like Maggi and Cup Noodles, Biscuits, Multi Vitamin Bars and Nutrition Bars are required.
• Drinking Water and Baby Food is urgently required.
• Tarpal, Tents, torches, batteries, cheap cell phones and post-paid sim cards.

Important Information for donating:
• All donations are tax exempt under 80G. Please send in your cheques in the
Name: Ritinjali. Do send us your name and complete address, so we can send receipts to you. Kindly drop the cheques at: Ritinjali, A-35, Hill View Apartments, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi - 110057.
• All donations in kind should be securely packed in cardboard boxes and labelled clearly “Kashmir Flood Relief Material”. The names of Faisal Patel and Zainab Nedou Patel must be mentioned on the boxes.
• Different items should be packed separately in plastic pouches before putting them into the cardboard boxes. Please also put the sender’s names on the boxes.
• Collection centres: K 726, Mahipalpur, Near Pradeep Timber Store, New Delhi- 110037. (Contact Suraj: 8287266703), Pallavan School, Plot No 1107, D-Block, Shahtoot Marg, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002 (Contact : Sunayana, +91 9540075222.), 101, Golf Links, New Delhi 110003 (Contact: Mimansa Puri, 9910003333), 9, Woodvilla, Band Road, 2nd Avenue, Chattarpur (Contact Aliza Khan, 9910308750).

Detailed List of essential medicines:

Antipyretics: Tab Paracetomol 500 and 650 (Any brand like Dolo, Crocin, Calpol) in large numbers Syp Paracetomol 120 and 250 mg (Crocin, Calpol) in large quantity.

Antiallergics: Tab Cetrizine Levocetrizine

Anti Diarrheal: Redotril, Lopramide, Darolac, Syp Vizylac, Ciplox tz or Norflox Tx

Anti Emetics: Tab Emset 4 and 8mgs, Syp Emset Pain killers: Any diclofenac like voveron, combiflam, brufen, Syp Ibugesic for children

Antibiotics: Any cefixime, Levofloxacin, Azithromycin, Amoxycillin, Augmentin For Kids Syp Cefixime, Syp Augmentin.

Antispasmodics: Tab Buscopan, Syp Colic aid, Meftal Spas Rehydration: ORS, Glucose Electrol Ointments: Betadiene, T Bact, Permethrin ointment.

Anti-Cold: Sinurest or any Combination with Pheylephrine, Paracetomol Levocetrizinen etc. Viatmins: Bcomplex, Becasules, Polybion , Vit C like Limcee Succee

Pain Abdomen: Pantop, Aciloc Syp, Digene Syp Aciloc

First Aid: Dettol, Savlon, Betadiene, hydrogen peroxide, Bandages,Scissors, Sterile Syringes, IV cannulas all sizes, Iv sets Gloves sterile and non-sterile Tetanus Injections, Cotton Swabs, Sprit swabs

Asthmatics: Caps and Syp of Asthalin, Levolin, Tab Deriphylline, Nebulisers, Ampoules of Doulin, Levolin and Asthalin for nebulisers Cough Syp Like Ambrodil S, Ambrodil, Ambrodil D.

Other essentials: Soaps, Sanitary napkins, Hand sanitizers Injections: Tetanus, Ceftriaxone, Augmentin, Ciprofloaxin, Metrogyl, IV fluids like RL, NS, DNS, Inj Pan, Emset, Inj Buscopan

essential life-saving medicines: Inj Hydrocortisone, Inj Avil, Inj epinephrine, Inj Atropine Oha anti htn.