Ritinjali’s relief efforts in the Makku Matha (Uttarakhand) area continues:

We were able to finish distribution of all sacks in the first lot on Day 10, 2nd August. We now await the arrival of the truck with 2nd lot of relief supplies. A list of the remaining families has been created for distribution of the same.

We enquired about families linked to the armed forces and had a meeting with the SC families in Makku Math on day 10 as well.

As per the Pradhan, there are 19 ex-servicemen families in the gram sabha including 5 who also have members currently serving. These five included, there are 39 serving army personnel from the villages. Additionally, about 3-4 CPO personnel are from the villages. Although most families of serving members are outside, staying with the servicemen.

There are about 48 SC families living in the community and We was able to meet with them for a short meeting in their "mohalla" on 2nd August. We explained the Claridges Skill Development Program to them and the eligibility criteria. There were 6 who met the criteria on education-

2 boys (Devesh & Harshvardhan) who had completed graduation and are now working in Surat but might be interested in the programme

2 boys (Prakash & Deepak) who have finished 12th and are interested

1 girl (Sandhya) who finished 12th and is getting married in Nov. She might be interested

1 girl (Sangeeta) who again has passed 12th. She recently got married and moved out of the village but might also be interested.

The villagers mentioned that no one had been issued the white BPL card but claimed that they could furnish proof of income to validate eligibility under the double below poverty line criterion.

The power supply to Makku math got distrupted on day 9 and with overcast skies we were unable to use the solar chargers as well. Additionally our gas cylinder was also running low. Therefore, on day 11 we hired a cab for a day trip to Gopeshwar. There we deposited our cellphones at a local shop for charging and shopped for vegetables and other provisions. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a place to refill the gas cylinder and have started using the kerosene stove supplied by Aaranya from day 11.

We are expecting the supply truck to arrive by tomorrow, 5th August. We plan to send back the tents to Aaranya in the empty truck to reduce the load we would need to carry when we depart.

We expect to complete the distribution of supplies by 8th August and to start back on 9th August.