Ritinjali’s relief efforts in the Makku Matha (Uttarakhand) -An Update

The weather in the entire northern belt seems to have had a resurgence of the monsoon. Not only is it raining in Delhi and the NCR, the Uttarakhand region has had heavy rains in the recent past, as a result, our team at Makku Math is out of communication. Even the solar chargers have failed since there has been zero sunlight for a few days now.

Today happens to be the last day for ration distribution and if all goes as per plan, the 4-member team will start their drive back to Delhi tomorrow.

However, the last update from them had indicated that there were a number of landslides and consequent road blocks along the way. Besides delaying their departure from Makku Math, their arrival in Delhi may be further delayed should they encounter more breaches in the road en route.

The team of volunteers has done a wonderful job and deserves kudos for braving the hostile weather and personal discomfort while providing succor to the affected people.