Rudraprayag Relief Program Phase 2 - Report on Day 0, 1

We started from Gurgaon at 1015 hrs on 23 July in the Scorpio lent by Mercury Himalayan Explorations (MHE). We were able to reach their Aaranya facilty at Shivpuri by 1815 hrs the same evening. At the facility we were given accommodation and instructed on how to erect the personnel tent, the store tent and the toilet tent that MHE has lent for the project. They have also lent us cooking equipment, thus covering our entire camping needs. We also spoke to an employee of MHE who is from Bhaswada which is on NH109 close to Chandrapuri and connected via the alternate road from Chopta. He informed us that Bhaswada is adequately supplied through the alternate route from Chopta which is intact while Chandrapuri and Gavni continue to suffer. He also confirmed that there is a trekking route to Chandrapuri from the alternate road and there is a village (Bhatwari) in the area with a potential campsite in proximity to Chandrapuri and Gavni

At 0920 hrs on 24th July we started our onward journey. The original plan was to reach Rudraprayag by Wednesday evening and start exploring options for campsite from Thursday. However we realized that we would reach Rudraprayag by 1400 hrs and decided to continue onwards to recce the road from Chopta that we wish to use for transporting the supplies. Since it would take 3 hrs to reach our intended drop off point, we could expect to recce and return to Rudraprayag by 2100 hrs. At Rudraprayag we had already spoken to the officers for accommodation for the volunteers for Wednesday night. Unfortunately we found that there were fresh landslides on both the Chopta road and the NH109. These landslides were expected to clear by 1800hrs but it was too late to continue and so we returned and sought accommodation at 5 Sikh.

We plan to start by 0730 hrs on Thursday to explore the campsite options. If possible, we would set up camp tomorrow itself so that we can receive the truck with supplies on Friday.