Save My Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

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On Saturday 25 April a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, affecting the lives of at least 5.3m people and leaving many homeless. Already, over 4000 people have been confirmed dead. Unfortunately, the figure is likely to rise significantly in the coming days as rescue crews search for survivors from the country's worst natural disaster in more than 80 years. Buildings have been flattened, communities shattered and lives torn apart. Dozens of aftershocks continue to hit the area, and people are sleeping in the open air from fear of further destruction.

In the wake of this terrible tragedy, Ritinjali has joined hands with multiple organizations towards relief and rehabilitation for the people of Nepal. While it is heartening to see aid pour in generously from all parts of the world, one of the biggest challenges with relief work is in ensuring a thoughtful and coordinated response in the aftermath of the disaster. Nepal has one international airport which has the maximum capacity to receive only 50 to 60 tonnes of material in a day. A large percentage of relief material coming in from all quarters is still waiting to be flown out of the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. Food packets have also not reached a large number of people since various procedures at Customs have to be navigated before it can reach the people of Nepal.

After having assessed the situation, we have decided to garner support towards long-term and sustainable rebuilding efforts in the form of a campaign called Save My Nepal. Our attempts are to raise enough funds to be able to step in once the main disaster relief is done and it is time for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction. As we are all aware, the infrastructure in Nepal is already choked with Media and Rescue Operations and hence it is probably best off that we do not add to the load at this stage and quietly work on collecting relief for permanent rehabilitation work. Our focus, therefore, will be on three core areas: transfer of funds, collection of medicines, and building a solid volunteer base. The Volunteers’ job would essentially be to work with us to campaign and raise donations for this program. As part of Save My Nepal, Ritinjali, along with YUVA UNSTOPPABLE, a nonprofit organization have joined hands to channelize funds through bonafide bank accounts to organizations in Nepal which are actively working to help the victims. All domestic donations are exempt under 80G. Please get in touch with the team to find out how you can help:

Dilreen Kaur |, 9811080119

Apoorva Joshi |, 7042373683

Janusa Sangma |, 8860369707

Esha Singh |, 9650248420

Your donation and contribution in any capacity will help people affected by the earthquake and ensure that people in Nepal get lifesaving supplies they need to respond, survive and recover from this emergency. We call on all partners and donors to urgently and generously support our action. It is essential that we move quickly and effectively, because when an emergency strikes, it's a race against the clock to reach the affected who need our help and support.

Our Partners:

THE SPA GROUP has taken the initiative to volunteer and help the people of Nepal by setting up a fully operational help line that facilitates access to a call center, through fund collection operations, an online forum and an air cargo assistance.

YUVA UNSTOPPABLE is a nonprofit organization that has joined hands with Ritinjali to facilitate the quick transfer of funds and material for this cause. Ritinjali and YUVA UNSTOPPABLE will receive the funds and channelize them through bona fide bank accounts to organizations in Nepal which are actively working to help the victims. All domestic donations are exempt under 80G.

INTERGLOBE has partnered to set up an exclusive call centre to assist in the collection of funds and communicate necessary information to the callers.

INDIGO Airlines has joined hands with us and agreed to fly cargo and medical teams as and when needed in as many quantities.

PERFECT RELATIONS is the official social media communications partner for the Save My Nepal campaign.

DELHIVERY.COM is a technology fulfillment & logistics solutions company which is assisting with fund collections made in cash or cheque throughout India

NDTV has taken the responsibility as the media partner to promote the campaign across the country.

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