Status of Supplies for Uttarakhand Relief Fund

The Ritinjali relief team is ready to depart for Uttarakhand with the supplies collected through donations to the fund. Below is a comprehensive checklist of items required, with the status of those items. The ones in red are yet to be procured or initiated.

S. No Action Item Timelines (Revised w.e.f. 16-Jul) Checklist items Status
1 Preparation of Relief Supplies 16-20 July    
  Rice Bought & delivered
Dal Bought & delivered
Salt Delivery on 18/7
Sugar Delivery on 18/7
Spices Delivery on 18/7
Tea Bought & delivered
Oil Delivery on 18/7
Sacks Bought & delivered
Tarpaulin To be procured
Truck Being identified
Carrying capacity Have to get transporter to assess (1 or 2 trips reqd?)
Waypoints General talking to Garhwal and 5 Sikh
Document from Governor for Supply Truck Need to ask ADC
Letter from Ritinjali for Supply Truck To be created
Volunteer to travel with supplies To be identified
2 Village Assessment & Relief Camp teams travels from Delhi to Rudraprayag 21-22 July    
  Sleeping Bags Procuring from Rishikesh
Tent Procuring from Rishikesh
Linen To be procured
Mobile chargers To be bought from Deflite
Bolero Procuring from Rishikesh
ID cards for Volunteers To be created at Vasant Valley office
Food supplies Use one sack from relief supplies
Water Procured
Gas & Stove (5kg cyclinder with attached stove) To be procured
Cooking utensils To be procured
Internet Dongle To be procured
Laptop To be procured
First aid kit Ready
Local SIM To be procured
Registers for recordkeeping To be procured
Raincoats - 4 1 available, 3 to be procured
Trekking boots 2 Available
Gum Boots 2 To be procured
Money for expenses (25,000 for each team) To be handed over at the time of departure