An update on Ritijali’s relief efforts in the Makku Matha (Uttarakhand)

For the last two months, Ritinjali volunteers have been working in Uttarakhand providing relief to people affected by floods. The Ritinjali volunteers came back after successful completion of the initial phase to decide on the next steps for a long term programme on improving the well-being and development of the people affected by the floods. It was decided that we would concentrate on the Makku Matha area

Nithin, the Ritinjali volunteer who has been leading the relief operations, has gone back to Maaku Matha and is now staying with the Gram Pradhani. He has identified a room with an attached bath which is being emptied and cleaned up and is going to serve as his place of residence for the rest of his stay at Makku. He also met with the BDO of the area and found out that the proposed school building could be built upon the Panchayat land. He is also in the process of identifying some people who will be able to lead and run the project post his departure. As winters are fast approaching, there is a requirement for sweaters. Nithin will let us know the sizes of sweaters that would be required for distribution and keep us updated on the progress of the project.