Guidelines and Conditions

Lend a Helping Hand –Become A Ritinjali Volunteer
Broaden your horizons and gain valuable experience as you lend a hand to Ritinjali (Sanskrit word meaning Helping Hands) to achieve its aim of responsible citizenship through social development and education .By becoming a volunteer with Ritinjali you will be given the opportunity to provide "holistic" education towards nurturing empowered, responsible citizens, capable of not only providing for themselves, but also of contributing actively to their local communities through enterprise, awareness and self-induced social responsibility. Our recent volunteers have contributed to Education Programmes, Outreach Programmes for Responsible Citizenship, Community Development Programmes, Infrastructure Development Programmes, Counseling and Support Programmes, Legal and Financial Aid Programmes, Rehabilitation and Re-unification Programmes, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.
Why Volunteer for Ritinjali?
Gain valuable experience! Being a volunteer for Ritinjali is a great way to get hands-on experience towards the development of Marginalised segments of our society: Those immersed in poverty; those exploited; those not exposed to progressive education programmes; those suffering the effects of war, natural disasters and crime…the list reads on… Volunteer work can help build your resume with skills valued by employers and academic institutions.

Learn Hindi! Our volunteers are immersed in local communities and work directly with local people in rural areas. Very few people in these areas speak English, but they are friendly and patient with our volunteers as they learn Hindi. Many locals also are keenly interested in learning English. - Contact Ritinjali for suggestions.

Contribute to Education! Ritinjali has embarked on initiatives in urban and rural India that are small but ever so important steps towards the development of marginalised segments of our society. Our projects address the root causes of the problems societies face, and our singular objective is to empower people through our various programmes, so that they may be able to contribute constructively to their own lives, their families, their communities and society at large. This empowerment is manifest in economic independence and reliability, relevant education beyond mass based literacy, emotional balance, environmental consciousness, progressive thought…all equipping those involved with the necessary "tools" to be responsible citizens.
General Responsibilities of Ritinjali Volunteers
Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time and skills to the Ritinjali. The quality work of our volunteers greatly contributes to the success of Ritinjali’s projects. Like ourselves, our volunteers are committed to empowering and helping others, and recognize that each one of us must do something to help the Marginalised. This document details the general guidelines and policies for volunteers participating in Ritinjali’s projects abroad. We appreciate you taking the time to familiarize yourself with the conditions and guidelines for becoming a Ritinjali volunteer.
  • Volunteers are responsible for their own housing and living expenses.
  • Volunteers are required to conduct themselves at all times in a professional manner while participating in Ritinjali projects or working at Ritinjali sites.
  • Participants are expected to work responsibly to complete the tasks outlined in their position description to the best of their abilities.
  • Volunteers are requested to cite Ritinjali and any Ritinjali project locations in any publications relating to work conducted while working on Ritinjali approved projects.
  • Participants must produce and submit a final written report on progress made during their volunteership, which must be received by Ritinjali no later than 60 days after the ending date of their position.
  • Ritinjali may request that volunteers submit intermediate progress reports from the field (most often by email) in the case of extended projects.
  • All participants are expected to provide Ritinjali with copies of data, notes, photos, recordings, theses or publications that result from your volunteership.
  • Participants are expected and encouraged to pass on their knowledge, and the information they have collected, to local people whenever possible, and to listen carefully to and incorporate the ideas and knowledge of local people. If appropriate, you may organize workshops, seminars and other presentations, and should at all times strive to involve those with whom you routinely interact.
  • Finally, participants are encouraged to be flexible, when situations arise that require adapting the initial description of your expected duties (after all, this is field work).
Liability and Insurance
Volunteers that work on Ritinjali projects must submit a letter to Ritinjali from their doctor certifying that they are in good health and can travel to a foreign country, prior to their arrival in India. All volunteers should carry their own health insurance and sign a waiver to release Ritinjali from responsibility for any illness, accident, or injury incurred during their stay in India. Many of our positions involve fieldwork that will require you to be in good physical condition.
Duration and Work Schedules
A one-week minimum commitment is required, but volunteers can extend their stay for up to 3 months or more with prior approval from Ritinjali. Volunteers are expected to work 5 days per week. Volunteers are expected to work an average of 8 hours per day, depending on the position and activities assigned.
Applicants for a volunteership with Ritinjali should have a strong interest in Education and related human issues, and be willing to undertake difficult and sometimes tedious outdoor work. While university study is not required, certain positions will require certain knowledge or specific skills. .
Volunteerships will automatically terminate on the ending date specified in your application. Occasionally, volunteerships may be extended or renewed. Please arrange for extensions in writing at least 2 weeks prior to your ending date. Ritinjali reserves the right to dismiss any volunteer from a project site for any reason deemed sufficient by Ritinjali. Persons subject to dismissal will be notified in writing of the termination of their volunteership or the reasons for expulsion. Expulsion of participants may result from cases such as:
  • Abuse of position as a Ritinjali volunteer,
  • Misuse of facilities,
  • Improper professional or personal conduct,
  • Misrepresentation of Ritinjali and its goals, and
  • Violation of Ritinjali policies.
To date, we have never had a cause to dismiss a volunteer .We are confident in the qualifications and professionalism of all our volunteers and provide these guidelines so that volunteers are aware of our policy.
Please let Ritinjali know your exact travel itinerary as soon as you have made travel arrangements. A Ritinjali representative may be able to meet you at the airport, although project-related travel may necessitate you providing your own transportation to the site of your volunteership. On your first day on site you will be oriented to the project, introduced to people you will be working with, and assisted in any preparations. Upon your acceptance to the volunteer program, you will receive more detailed travel and arrival information. If you have additional questions regarding travel to and within your project site country, please contact us.
A Message to Volunteers
Volunteering your services can be an experience you will never forget. While it is the opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile cause or to get to know a foreign country in greater depth that initially attracts potential volunteers, the challenges and rewards gained from working with local people to find creative solutions to complex problems are remembered most by volunteers after completing their assignments. The experience of working in a foreign country, and making a meaningful contribution to issues important to you, can invigorate your confidence in your own abilities; likewise, participating in an ongoing program can renew your faith in the capacity of people to work together to make a difference in their lives and their environment. Ritinjali deeply appreciates the value of the work contributed by our volunteers. Many of our most important discoveries and project advancements have been made by our volunteers! We hope that your position will challenge and stimulate you, and that you will count your own self-development among the benefits of your volunteership. It is our sincere wish that your participation with Ritinjali will have a meaningful and lasting effect not only on the project with which you will work, but also on yourself and the choices you will make in your future.
Volunteer Application Instructions
Our volunteer program operates under a set of guidelines to ensure that both the volunteer and the recipient project enjoy the maximum gain from the interchange. Volunteers provide assistance to ongoing projects, and also serve as representatives of international culture and their home country in particular. Please read the above conditions and guidelines carefully before applying to one of Ritinjali’s volunteer positions.