Naari Niketan - a part of Nirmal Chhaya - has become more of an emotional attachment for the Ritinjali volunteers. Ritinjali has been associated with Naari Niketan since 1996. We have seen many changes - all for the better- in this institution.

From a heavily gated institution it has become a home or a hostel, albeit temporarily, for most of the women who are victims of crimes. Yet there are a few who have been living in Naari Niketan for quite some time. These are the destitutes who have recovered from various mental traumas but have nowhere to go. Our teacher, Mrs. Arora spends a lot of time with them teaching them calming activities such as painting, drawing, knitting and needlework.

A light form of Yoga is practiced every morning. Followed by singing bhajans before starting the day’s activities. Sewing machines and a knitting machine has been provided. The women learn stitching and repairing of garments. Approach of winter sees them practicing and later on successfully knitting scarfs, socks and shawls. Basic alphabets are also taught.

The newcomers also join in enthusiastically. The occasional snack provided by the Ritinjali volunteers is enjoyed by one and all. The water cooler has been placed at the entrance of Nirmal Chhaya. The television set is enjoyed by all. Ritinjali has become a part of the lives of the inmates of Naari Niketan.