Nathupur Pahari Centre, Gurgaon

Nathupur Pahari is a slum inhabited by immigrants from eastern parts of India, who arrived here several years ago in search of alternative livelihoods. Acute poverty, an uncertain future, and the absence of any institutional support had forced them out of their original habitat. Most people earn their livelihood either by working for the construction industry located along the Delhi-Gurgaon border, or as domestic help. In the absence of regular schools or learning opportunities for the children in this community, Ritinjali stepped in and established a Learning Centre for the children of Nathpur Pahari in 2005.

The Centre operates accommodates up to 65 children and our teachers, ensure that regular lessons proceed uninterrupted. The students of the Centre are given the opportunity to appear for exams equivalent to those for Classes III, V, and VIII, through the Open Basic Education (OBE) Programme, which is a new initiative of the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). They prepare for the OBE examinations by solving mock question papers.

NIOS has granted affiliation to Ritinjali to conduct OBE exams. Under this programme. Ritinjali develops a curriculum, which is then approved by NIOS. At the end of the year, Ritinjali conducts an exam for children, who have been enrolled in different levels and whose data has already been submitted to NIOS. After the exams are conducted, the results are tabulated and sent to NIOS; post which, NIOS sends us certificates attesting that the children have completed the exam they had appeared for.

Many students of the Centre have been integrated into the Government Schools in and around Nathupur and into the Government School in Aya Nagar. The teachers at the Centre approach a school, fill up the relevant forms, and prepare the students for the respective entrance exams. The required documents are duly prepared; and after a child clears the exam, all formalities related to admissions are completed by the teachers.

Even after the children gain admission into a new school, the teachers of the Centre continue to monitor them to ensure they settle down properly and suffer no setback to their progress. In the past five years, Ritinjali has been able to mainstream students into the nearby Government Schools which include:

• Nagar Nigam Prathmik Vidyalaya, Aya Nagar

• S.B. Public School, Sikanderpur

• Rajkiya Prathmik Kanya Pathshala, Nathupur Gaon

• Rajkiya Prathmik Pathshala, Sikanderpur

• Rajkiya High School, Nathupur

• Rajkiya Prathmik Vidyalaya, Nathupur Gaon

• R.K. Public School, Sikanderpur

• Rajkiya Intermediate Vidyalaya, Nathupur Gaon

All these schools are located within a distance of approximately 2–3 kilometres from the residences of the children who are part of the Nathupur Pahari Centre.