Young Indian Scholars (YIS) is a Ritinjali initiative. Ritinjali’s social and community development programs for the marginalised are always centered around education – with the belief that a ‘wholistic’ education nurtures empowered, responsible citizens, capable of not only providing for themselves, but also contributing actively to their local communities.

Young Indian Scholars is an extension of that belief. YIS aims to bridge the gap between the different Indias that exist today – the marginalised community, the out-of-school kids and the urban school kids. The bridge is meant to encourage a two-way learning. The marginalized and out of school kids have a lot to showcase to the urban school kids, and it can be a mutually enriching experience.

YIS's motto is to promote being a collective Indian while celebrating and learning from the differences that exist in the different Indias. The vision of the initiative is to be a facilitator in the interaction of youth of different social backgrounds and fostering it as a strong catalyser to take India forward. In today’s context, there is a need to ensure that the more global our young adults get, the more they understand what it means to be “Indian” in its entirety. Therefore, the idea is to get an understanding of what India is and stands for by promoting interactions between different communities in India.

The overall aim is to take the country forward by refocusing on the youth. The initiative wants to emphasize that it is the youth of this country that is the future and the key to solve the issues the country is facing today.