Music Therapy Sessions for Second Chance School

On Friday, April 11, a Music Therapy workshop was conducted for the boys of the Second Chance School, by Annika, a Swiss-Russian student of Psychology and Music. The purpose of the workshop was to engage the boys creatively as creativity removes unnecessary personal boundaries, enhances personal development making youth more confident and mentally secure. This in turn will help them improve their understanding of their personal ambitions and make them think more freely about what exactly they want to do in their lives.

The session began with a dance -imagination exercise to trigger their imaginative skills. At first, Annika conducted a character exploration exercise where the boys needed to imagine that they were walking through a very busy road, and gradually they were asked to imagine that they were carrying an invisible elephant to the hospital. “Such exercises encourage people to start thinking in the moment and getting out of their usual borders as they are put into different contexts”, explained Annika. It also warms up the group and helps with team building. Another exercise conducted was the mirroring exercise where participants stood opposite each other and had to mimic what the person opposite was doing. The tasks involved a leader swap so both participants got the chance to either mimic or create moves. In addition, Annika added music to the background and changed it constantly to see what kind of movements this triggered.

Music and Dance go hand in hand with creativity. According to scholars such as Oliver Sacks and Schellenberg, musical training helps people to improve their sensory perception, emotional wellbeing as well as cognitive capabilities. Dance, according to Pina Bausch is a way of expressing oneself physically and mentally, creating a new dimension for our imagination. In the four sessions in the future, the Second Chance School boys will mainly be experimenting with and expressing themselves in the realms of music and dance. The exercises will encourage teambuilding, leadership skills, and will get the boys out of their comfort zone (creating a new comfort zone). Free music improvisation exercises will inspire the boys to use their own body as an instrument. The aim is to be unusual and creative but also listen to what the others around them are producing.

Similar workshops will be held for students at Ritinjali’s other learning and vocational centers.

Here is a link to a video of the workshop: Music Therapy Sessions for Second Chance School