Musical Evening at the Second Chance School

A wumba wey, a wumba wey a wumba wey, a wumba wey….
On Friday, April 25th, the Second Chance School came alive with dance and musical performances by the students of the Mahipalpur vocational center and the Second Chance School. The students had been participating in music therapy sessions with Annika Haefliger (Anni), a student of psychology and music at Edinburgh University for approximately two weeks and the sessions culminated in a free spirited, energetic performance by all students.

At first, a couple of students of the vocational center shared their experiences of working and collaborating with Anni, followed by a beautifully choreographed, high-energy dance. The students of the Second Chance School then performed a few Tibetan songs in acapella style. They were accompanied by Anni on the guitar for the last song. The audience comprising of Ritinjali members and staff, cheered on enthusiastically.

Following the performances, the Ritinjali members who were present for the evening, talked with the students in an informal setting, sharing their experiences, asking students about their likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies as well as what training they were currently engaged in. Anni then led the group to participate in a small creative session where everyone participated by contributing their unique tune or beat, thus leading the group to produce its own collective sound. The evening ended on a high note with an early dinner. The Musical Evening was enjoyed by all and provided a great platform for the members to engage with the students and encourage them in their endeavours.