Ridge Valley School Outreach Programme at Nathupur Pahari Center

On Tuesday, April 29, the Ridge Valley School (RVS), Gurgaon visited the Learning Center at Nathupur Pahari as part of their Outreach Programme. Approximately 40 students of Class 3 accompanied by three teachers reached Nathupur at 9:30 am, excited to unfold the activities they had planned for the children. The students took turns reading stories and poems for the children at the Center who also joined in by reciting poems they had learnt. The children from Nathupur were thrilled and listened intently as their peers from RVS animatedly shared stories with them.

The students from RVS also brought art and craft supplies with them and engaged the children at the center in an afternoon packed with fun art and craft activities. They made cards with glazed paper cut- outs and beautiful charts with wines made from finger printing. This was followed by a friendly art competition between the children.

Students from Nathupur and RVS really enjoyed the day together and wished that they had more time to continue the activities. Juice and biscuits were distributed to all children at the end of the day.