We started from Gurgaon at 1015 hrs on 23 July in the Scorpio lent by Mercury Himalayan Explorations (MHE). We were able to reach their Aaranya facilty at Shivpuri by 1815 hrs the same evening.

Meet the team that left yesterday morning, IST 9 am. Their first halt was at Shivpuri. Currently, they have reached the Rudraprayag belt and are looking for man-made/natural landing to build the relief camp.

Our team comprising of Nithin Devarajan, Srikkanth S, Mahesh Mandal, and Sanjay Mandal left today IST 9 am in a Scorpio, provided by Mercury Himalayan Explorations. They would be reaching Shivpuri, where MHE would be providing them with all the necessary camping gear.

The heavy rains in Delhi and Gurgaon on 20th July, Saturday and the Met prediction of more heavy rain impacted the collection of material. Accordingly, move of the ‘Setting out Party’ is delayed by a day! To give you the latest situation report:

Since yesterday there has been some further movement in our plans to launch the ‘Camp Establishment Team’ by Sunday, 21 July '13.

·A volunteer has agreed to give his truck (a 14 feet canter) to take the relief material to Uttarakhand. That eases out a lot of issues!!

The latest update on Ritanjali’s efforts towards the Uttarakhand disaster relief is as follows:

The Ritinjali relief team is ready to depart for Uttarakhand with the supplies collected through donations to the fund. Below is a comprehensive checklist of items required, with the status of those items. The ones in red are yet to be procured or initiated.

Uttarakhand is not old news. The tragedy is unfortunately still alive and getting worse by the day. Hundreds of thousands have perished but a few villages still survive, although just barely.

A reconnaissance trip was recently conducted in Uttarakhand to get a sense of the damage caused in the area by the cloud burst. The team consisted of Cdr (Retd) Lijo Chacko and Nithin Devarajan. A report from the trip has been given below.

Executive Summary