Consequent to the flood devastation caused in Uttarakhand, Ritinjali has decided that the relief efforts will be executed in various phases. The initial phase will be to address the immediate concerns and requirements.

The 5-day summer camp, Building Bridges, had the aim of bridging the gap between the Tibetan an Indian youth, creating inclusion and mutual learning for a future generation of adults that are understanding and respectful of differences and that are inclusive.

Rohan Bhatia

Another feather in the hat for Ritinjali's Second Chance Boy – Abbas Khan. Abbas is working at Tres (Lodhi Colony) in the kitchen. On Thursday, 6th Dec, Vir Sanghvi was dining at Tres. He tasted the bread and wanted to know who made the bread as it was very good.

Here is a news article published in "Rajasthan Patrika" about a rally organized by Ritinjali, Kota on World AIDS Day in Dhakadkhedi. (03 Dec, 2012)
Link to the article:
This summer, my friend Mahir and I had decided to do something worthwhile with our time. Last summer, I had interned with another NGO, but that had been routine ‘boring’ office work. This summer, I wanted to do something that really did make a change.
Saturday, 24th November, at Nathupur Center was a great experience. I was helping Vidya (Ms. Vidya Surendran), who had organized to feed the children of the Nathupur Pahari Learning Centre.
Around 60 children from our four learning centres came together for a get together at Tagore International School, East of Kailash. They played and won a number of games and were given blankets and stationary as gifts. The children had a wonderful time the entire day.
Three Second Chance boys - Jatin Kumar , Manglu Ram and Abbas Khan have been placed in jobs at the famous French Restaurant, Chez Nini, located at Lodhi Road.
It was show time for the boys of the Second Chance School on 10th November 2012. The excited bunch of actors that included Ritinjali members and well-wishers too besides the boys took the stage after months of rehearsal to stage a musical in English called ‘A Bagful of Dreams’.