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Ritinjali, literally meaning ‘helping hands’ in Sanskrit, is firmly rooted in its philosophy of providing a helping hand wherever needed, in times of immediate crises, to pre-empt social and community issues and to promote responsible citizenship wherever possible. While based in Delhi, Ritinjali’s work and efforts have reached areas as far-flung as Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttaranchal, Tripura, Meghalaya, Karaikal, Bihar, Ladakh, and Jammu and Kashmir. Over the last nineteen years, Ritinjali has worked with marginalised groups – slum dwellers, jail inmates, poverty stricken individuals, victims of war and natural disasters – through educational and development-related endeavors, nurturing empowered and responsible citizens.

Ritinjali’s work with the government schools of Delhi and Rajasthan complements its mission of providing quality education to all through the rejuvenation of the government schooling system. As far as universal literacy is concerned, Ritinjali strives to provide holistic education to marginalised children in Kusumpur Pahari (a slum cluster behind Vasant Vihar, New Delhi), Nathupur Pahari and Pioneer Park (slum clusters in Gurgaon) and Dalil Ekta Camp (a slum in Vasant Kunj) towards nurturing empowered and responsible citizens.

In our attempts to integrate alienated youth into society, Ritinjali’s Second Chance School in Mahipalpur, New Delhi – a school for urban deprived young adults who did not get their first chance to education, provides vocational training, apprenticeship and entrepreneurship development programmes, as well as schooling through the National Open School system.

Our work in Tihar Jail of providing free legal aid and conducting counselling, rehabilitation and income generating activities for juveniles and women inmates and their children in Jails 5 & 6 respectively has been acknowledged by the jail authorities.

Ritinjali’s Night School is an evening programme to impart basic education and life skills training to boys who work as coolies at the INA Market, New Delhi.

We started two new programmes under our Leadership development banner: The International Summer School and the Oberoi Lecture Series. Through these two new initiatives, we hope to provide a platform for young achievers and leaders to ideate and ultimately lead these ideas into practice.

Ritinjali’s extensive experience in the field of education; in dealing with marginalised children and youth, whether at the Learning Centre in Kusumpur Pahari, at the Night School, or at Tihar Jail for adolescent boy inmates, with the government schooling systems in Delhi and Rajasthan, along with its expansive volunteer and professional networks, agility and expertise, puts it in a vantage position to implement varied kinds of education and community development projects.

We have continued to focus directly on building community capacity and collective processes towards a more inclusive society. We have established a reputation for providing high-quality teacher trainings through our work in the area of education across the country. We collaborate closely with different stakeholders - teachers, parents, education department, community and religious leaders for a smoother implementation of our Education Programmes. We use effective monitoring and evaluation protocols to refine programme design and to ensure programme impact.

  • Respect for life
  • Sensitivity
  • Team Work
  • Creativity
  • Openness
  • Quality
  • All communities irrespective of class, gender and disability be empowered and sustainable in their absolute responsibility to the common welfare of their members.
  • Communities be devoid of prolonged poverty, crime, violence, substance abuse, illiteracy, apathy, and oppression.
  • Our mission is to provide holistic education that nurtures empowered, responsible citizens, capable of providing for themselves and also contributing actively to their local communities.

Governing Board
Name Details
Arun Kapur Trustee & Chairperson, Ritinjali
A P John - Trustee Trustee
Karishma Handa Director, Ritinjali
Kavita Trehan Service
Dipika Nanjappa Social sector
Benu Khanna Educationist & Director, Pallavan School, Jhalawar
Gurpreet Singh Architect & Director, Aakar Design
Digendar Sidhu Agriculturist


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