Introduction & History of Ritinjali

  • Bringing hope where there is none, Ritinjali has been working in the area of education and community development since 1995. Firmly rooted in its philosophy of providing a helping hand wherever needed, whether in times of immediate crises, or to pre-empt social and community issues, Ritinjali’s mission is to provide holistic education to nurture and promote responsible citizenship.
  • Over the last 27 years, Ritinjali has worked extensively with diverse communities – slum dwellers, poverty stricken individuals, victims of war and natural disasters – through various educational and development initiatives that have provided these communities with an access to a better life.
  • Respect for life, work and dignity; empowerment through holistic education and skilling; building community capacity and collective processes towards an inclusive society, are values that Ritinjali strongly adheres to. Through its various initiatives and myriad areas of focus, Ritinjali takes a multi-pronged approach to achieve its goal – enabling conditions and empowering people to bring hope and peace in the world. Since 1995, Ritinjali has worked with marginalized groups – slum dwellers, jail inmates, poverty stricken individuals, victims of war and natural disasters – through educational and development- related endeavours. 

History of Ritinjali

  • While based in Delhi, Ritinjali’s work in the calamity-hit regions of Makku Math in Uttarakhand, Kalikuppam in Pondicherry, Vovar Village in Gujarat, Khagaria village of Bihar, earthquake-affected areas of Jammu and Kashmir, flooded areas of Leh and Ladakh and Kerala and earthquake-affected Batase Gaon in Nepal’s Makwanpur district have brought respite and strength to over 55,000 families. 
  • Through our work, we have mainstreamed over 4000 children into the formal schooling system, provided employment and internships to 700 urban deprived young adults, enabled 960 disadvantaged young adults and women through vocational skills and income generation activities and empowered  3500 teachers and approximately 6,00,000 children through life skills education in 2000 government schools. Since 2016, we have facilitated 85 surgeries and health care interventions touching the lives of over 1200 beneficiaries and provided over 200,000 healthy meals and snacks to out-of-school children to address malnutrition and learning outcomes in our communities. Our Community Theatre Programme has since 2015 catalysed social change by engaging 9500 people across the NCR in critical reflection and dialogue. 

  • We remain focused on developing new initiatives to nurture and strengthen more lives through providing holistic education to each individual so as to empower them to contribute constructively to their own lives, their families and their communities.  Through our efforts we hope to bring hope where there is none, moving towards a better tomorrow.